Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy Jay

Daddy Jay is a founding member and current Vice President of the  Onyx Great Lakes Chapter where he has served his inception nearly five years. Last November he was publicly recognized by his two amazing boys Puma & Treble Onyx and covered as Daddy Jay--a title he honors by loving and caring for his boys, all while promoting proper leather family dynamics. Daddy Jay believes in total inclusivity in the leather community; that every one has a seat at the table regardless of race, gender, status or how they identify. We are all equal. Daddy Jay has several kinks, among them, flogging, bondage, biting and nipple play--his favorites. He was invited to participate on a few panels showcasing what Onyx is about and how it feels to be a POC in the leather community. Daddy Jay enjoys being a resource, offering guidance, love and support while helping others on their Leather Journey.