Skills & Education Presenter

Otter DX

Derrick "Otter" Starr was born in Brooklyn NY but now resides In Silver Spring MD. His first venture into the leather community first happened in 2013 when he attended the Mr DC Eagle contest. It wasn't until months later, he met the men of Onyx and from there, he could only go up. While traveling with them to various events, he discovered his love for the puppy community and joined in the fun.

He has volunteered for such events as, MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather), Scarlet Bake sale , LLC (Leather Leadership Conference), BBM (Bears , Bikers, and Mayhem) , CLAW, IML, MTTA Community Fest, Weekend Reunion, MsC, and 12 days of Christmas. He is one of the original founders of Code Red, a fundraiser dedicated to stopping the stigma of HIV and giving back to various charities in the Washington DC area.

Otter was given the honor of being judge's boy for a few events and contest including, Atlantic States Leather 2019, International Leather Bear 2019, Mid Atlanitc Leather 2019, and MX Virginia Leather 2019. He was also given the opportunity to judge the 2019 International Geared Up Pup contest.

Being Mentor and educator are two passions very close to his heart and in the years he has spent in the leather/kink communities, as been determined to teach is fellow leatherfolk in embracing their kinks in fun yet safe way.

Otter is a Alpha/Daddy who is a member of Onyx Mid Atlantic, An associate to,COMMAND MC, and a member of Mama's Family as Mama's Little Otter.