Skills & Education Presenter

Kelvin Davis aka Leather Fireman

Kelvin has been around a longtime,... in leather that is. Growing up in a household of policemen and firemen sparked an early interest in uniforms,. Watching Wild Wild West sparked bondage, and the rest, well let's just say he likes to try new things. This isn't just a weekend thing, being and teaching paramedicine, firefighting and hazmat has provided very useful skills, (insert sly evil grin) both in and out of the playroom. Kelvin has presented classes for CLAW, Titians of the Midwest Kinnk U, Chicago Hellfire Club's SMU, as well as various bar nights. He lives just outside of Toledo with his partner of 13 years that he met at CLAW, so yeah guys you never know when or where that match will happen. Want to know more, just ask him, he won't bite.... well on the other hand.