Skills & Education Presenter

Sir John Krikorian

SIR John speaks frequently about the Sir/boy lifestyle, broaching topics such as proper vetting, the protection of boys and how to spot "phoney-baloney" Sirs and boys. He is the creator of the successful "Sirs and boys" Facebook group, and is often invited to conduct related discussion groups around the country. As a community service, he offers lifestyle advice and counseling, especially to newcomers. Privately, he mentors a select number of people who may require more structure, discipline and focus to get to the next level.

Given the increasing interest in collaring and the numerous permutations of the lifestyle, SIR John chooses to remain a grounded resource in the Sir/boy community. He is a stalwart defender of "Old Guard" style principles and protocols, where discipline, courtesy, good manners and total power exchange are the core of his lifestyle. He is a hard-ass when it comes to proper etiquette, and believes real Sirs should be responsible and lead by example, not by ego. He credits his boys for keeping him in check.

SIR John is an outspoken, rebellious and politically incorrect Leatherman. A leatherboy in tight jeans, white tee, boots and vest, with impeccable manners, and isn't afraid to use the word "Sir" gets him hot! He is enormously grateful to have his husband boy john, boy david and boy xander as his collared boys in addition to a number of others who round out his wonderful chosen family.