Skills & Education Presenter

Master Joshua

I am a former Marine and law enforcement professional and a Dominant with over ten years of active lifestyle experience, and five years as a professional, based in New York City.

I am an established educator, event promoter, and the founder of the Kink-Collective, a social and educational network, offering kink, fetish, and BDSM play and education in a supportive, comfortable, and welcoming environment, for people with all levels of experience. As director, I have established a number of long running monthly events in the New York City, including:

Corrosion, NYC's all male BDSM play party
The Lower Level, an informative community driven round table discussion forum
The Dungeon and Impulse, pansexual BDSM play parties

I have been honored to present at Kink Odyssey, DomCon, NYC Black Pride, among others and am a proud member of Onyx.

I am committed to the belief of the benefits of engaging in our lifestyle at any level, and as a professional, I seek to meet of the specific needs of the people I engage with, wherever they are. My mission is to help people who seek a deeper, more primal sense of self and to build a BDSM community for mutual support and better understanding of the lifestyle issues that impact us all.