Skills & Education Presenter

Greg Hatch

With background in art history and a passion for personal narrative ritual. Gregory Hatch is a fiber and performance artist who explores how pattern, texture, and material sit within our memory (individual and collective).Born and raised in Akron Ohio and currently living in Cleveland, Ohio his work is continuously informed by the blue collar culture and focus on production culture. He earned his MFA in Sculpture and Expanded Practice from Ohio University in 2015. He has presented his work at the SculptureX Symposium (Columbus, OH), Radical Philosophy Conference (Long Island, NY), Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference (Bloomsburg, PA), and Open Engagement (Oakland, CA). Dealing with an eating disorder, a career as a drag entertainer, self harm, body dysmorphia, and being involved in the leather and kink community is a recipe for a life time of focusing on one's own body. It was through his involvement in the kink community that his current art practice is grounded.